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Managing functions and large bookings
Managing functions and large bookings

How to manage functions/large bookings

Written by Rory Rorison
Updated over a week ago

Stampede bookings allow you to download individual run sheets to help you manage information about large bookings or functions. Additionally, you can set dedicated tables/areas for private functions that are inaccessible to book, this can only be booked internally.

Creating private booking tables:

  1. To achieve this, first head over to your bookings page and at the bottom select Tables.

  2. At the top right, click the Add button to create a new area, name this area and then click Save.

  3. Select your new area and click the Add button and add a new table. Configure this to your needs then make sure the table is set to draft then hit save. Note: If you already have a table ready within Main select change area to move this to your new area.

  4. If your table has an orange light beside it you have successfully created an offline booking that will appear for your team but cannot be booked by guests.

Configuring Function Information:

  1. Create your booking for the private event, see How to create a booking

  2. Within the booking editor navigate to the Notes tab. Insert the information for the booking, either within the text editor or using your favourite word processor and copy and paste the details into the Notes box.

    Note: Copy and paste may look unformatted within the Notes viewer but will retain the correct style when downloaded.

  3. Once complete hit the grey download button at the top-right.

  4. You know have a fully formatted function sheet for your upcoming event!

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