Setting up special dates

How to configure special/one off dates for your venue

Written by Rory Rorison
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With Stampede bookings, you can set hours of operations to be different to your usual timings, this can be for holidays, closing down for maintenance or private events.

  1. Select Bookings from the left-hand side and select your venue.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the bookings page and select Configuration.

  3. Then select times from the top of the page. This brings you to the settings page for different time events for your venue.

  4. The first section on this page is for the Special Dates, you can see all your special dates on the right-hand side. Click the plus icon to begin setup.

  5. A popup will appear to enter details about your special date. From here you can adjust:

    1. Name

    2. Special dates: Click to enter the calendar, here just select your start and end date.

    3. Min and Max party size

    4. Table selection: All tables by default but can assign to different tables for example if a private booking is taking half your venue but still want to have regular bookings/walk-ins.

    5. Opening Times: Allows you to change the opening times for the week inclusive of the dates you have specified.

  6. Once completed hit Save and your special date will be active. You can edit/delete this date by clicking the corresponding icons to the right of the date.

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