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How to Create a Custom Report
How to Create a Custom Report

Creating and downloading customised reports

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Stampede's custom reporting allows you to see all the data captured by the stampede capture portal in a clearly readable and easily downloadable manner, with customisable items you can create a report that is tailored to your needs.

  1. In the bottom-left corner of the screen, click the 'Reports' button.

  2. Click 'My Reports' to view all data collected by Stampede.

  3. The default page for reporting is empty and will show you the following prompt.

  4. Click the 'ADD A NEW WIDGET' button, which will take you to an itemised list of all report elements.

  5. Once you choose your items, it will automatically be loaded onto the report page, it should looks similar to the image below.

  6. Another important feature of the custom reporting system, is the ability to set custom time ranges. At the top of the page, is the current date range in use, click on that range to change it.

  7. The date range widget is highly customisable, allowing you to pick from specific weeks, years, quarters, or from one specific date to another.

  8. In the top-right corner of the page is a group of icons:

    • The 'Filter' icon, click it and you are able to sort data by venue.

    • The 'Download' button, allowing you to export your report in the form of a PDF.

    • The 'Add item to report' button, another way to add an item to the report instead of using the widget mentioned in part 3.

    • Finally, there is a 'Save' button, used to save the custom report to stampede.

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