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Viewing Customer Origins
Viewing Customer Origins

Using Stampede to discover the locale of customers

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Customer Origins allows you to understand where your customers are based, using their postcodes to understand where your customer base is situated. This information can be key for future expansions, or venue specific offers and promotions.

  1. In the bottom-left corner of the screen, click the 'Reports' button.

  2. Click 'Origin' to view all locational data collected by Stampede.

  3. Similarly to other reporting pages on the Stampede website, this one allows you to view the origin map in specific date periods.

  4. The date range widget is highly customisable, allowing you to pick from specific weeks, years, quarters, or from one specific date to another.

  5. Upon opening origins, you will be greeted by the map of the UK. Each number represents one contact in the general area. You can also see venues in Edinburgh, Newcastle and Sheffield. The numbers nearest the venues are often the biggest, as locals are more likely to visit.

    (Heat map is also available)

  6. The closer you zoom in, the more spread out the numbers become, showing more accurate records, even becoming street specific.

  7. In the picture above you can see several coloured dots, those represents a high concentration of male/ female contacts, (green = male, red = female, purple = unknown).

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