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How to View all your Customers
How to View all your Customers

All information related to your customers

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This article shows you how to access and interact with customer information, showing you your total number of customers, now many are new, returning, if the customer has opted into email and SMS marketing, validated by email, etc.

  1. In the bottom-left corner of the screen, click the 'Reports' button.

  2. Click 'All Customers' to view data on all customers that have signed up to your WiFi.

  3. Similarly to other reporting pages on the Stampede website, this one allows you to view customer information in specific date periods.

  4. The date range widget is highly customisable, allowing you to pick from specific weeks, years, quarters, or from one specific date to another.

  5. The 'Filter' allows you to search by data sources and venues.

  6. Once your filters and date ranges have been processed (this can sometimes take a while), you're given a graph of several important data sets. You now have clearly readable and useable data.

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