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SMS Campaign Reports
SMS Campaign Reports

A report detailing how effective your SMS marketing campaigns are

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One of the most effective marketing tools Stampede provides is a robust reporting system that follows your marketing campaigns. Once the campaign is complete, you will be given a detailed report of how your campaign was received.

  1. Under the marketing tab, click 'SMS' to view your SMS campaign report.

  2. The SMS reporting has a detailed page of statistics for you to better understand how your marketing message was received, and how users interacted with it. The report is comprised of the following three categories:

    1. Returned to venue - The customers who returned to spend more money, how much money was returned to the venue through repeated visits, and the number of times a customer returned.

    2. Booking conversions - The people who booked through SMS promotions and the amount of money they spent.

    3. Sending Report - Details relating to the communications of the SMS marketing, who received the message, how many messages were undelivered, and how many customers opted out of marketing.

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