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How to View Payments made
How to View Payments made

Viewing transaction details

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Note: You will only be able to view payments if you are running a paid/hybrid WiFi service.

  1. Click the 'WiFi' icon

  2. Under the 'Reports' tab at the bottom of the page, click 'Payments'

  3. The Payment report screen features a date range tool that allows you to search specific time periods for payment analytics.

  4. Below is the payment report, showing every payment and details relating to such within the data range you chose. All information is presented in an easy to understand line graph. Some important features to note:

    • Payments and repeat payments - Show the number of single payments and direct debit payments.

    • Email address - A record of the customer's name and email address.

    • transaction ID - Used for logging and record-keeping (note that if the payment is put through manually, there is no transaction ID).

    • duration - How long the customer has access to the WiFi.

    • amount - How much the customer paid for access.

    • payment date - the time and data of the transaction.

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