Booking Symbols Explained

Symbols that appear on your booking pills and what they mean.

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We have added new symbols to our booking pills to allow you to quickly understand certain characteristics about the a booking. Below is a list of symbols and what they mean.

The Pencil: This symbol indicates that the booking has been updated by either a member of staff or the customer. This could be a change to the booking time, table, or number of heads.

The Little Man: This icon means that this booking requires accessibility, this could be disability access for people in wheelchairs, or a highchair/ buggie for young children.

Clipboard: The clipboard represents and internal note added by a member of staff, includes notes about the bookings as well as a timestamp to allow you track changes in the booking.

Envelope: The Envelope means that the customer has replied to a booking Email, which can be seen in the inbox section of the stampede product.

Red A: The red "A" icon stands for allergens (and is bright red for safety reasons), you will also find a big red banner at the top of the booking menu that will highlight the customer's allergies.

Speech Marks: This indicates a guest has left a note while creating/editing the booking and can be viewed in the booking menu.

Yellow Star: The Yellow star indicates that a customer made a booking through an email campaign sent out using the Stampede marketing service. In the booking menu you can view exactly which email they booked through, which can be useful for ROI and dat research.

Cake: The cake next to a booking represents that it is the customer's birthday. This can be helpful to know, as you can pay special attention to this table. This icon only appears when the keyword "Birthday" is used in customer notes.

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