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Understanding the UniFi Integration for Captive Portal Authentication
Understanding the UniFi Integration for Captive Portal Authentication

How does Stampede's UniFi integration work.

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Our captive portal service is designed to integrate seamlessly with UniFi networks to offer users a smooth and efficient login experience. This article delves into the mechanics of how our system works with UniFi to authenticate and authorise users.

How It Works:

Direct Controller Access:

To provide a seamless user experience, our system requires direct access to your UniFi Controller. This direct line of communication is pivotal for real-time operations and ensuring users can connect without interruptions.

Guest Authorisation via UniFi's API:

Once a guest completes the authentication process on our captive portal, the system communicates with the UniFi Controller through Ubiquiti's API. This API interaction is what enables us to authorise the guest's device to access the network.

In technical terms, our system sends an 'authorise' command to the UniFi Controller, specifying the MAC address of the guest's device. The Controller, in turn, grants the device access based on the parameters set within your network configurations.

To write these changes, we require a role that has write access which is an administrator. Unfortunately view only access will allow us to view clients who are trying to connect however authorising them is the tricky part due to the lack of write privileges.

Real-time Communication:

The integration is designed for real-time communication. This means, the moment a user completes the authentication on the captive portal, the communication with the UniFi Controller via the API is almost instantaneous, ensuring minimal wait time for the user.

Security and Privacy:

Our integration is built with security and privacy at its core. The only data we access from your UniFi Controller is the necessary information for authentication, such as the MAC address of the connecting device. No personal or sensitive data is accessed or stored by our system. Furthermore, administrative access is utilised strictly for the authentication process, ensuring the integrity and security of your network and data.

In Summary:

The integration between our captive portal and UniFi is built on direct communication and the efficient use of Ubiquiti's API. It's designed to provide a swift and secure method of authenticating and authorising guests on your network, ensuring they have a hassle-free experience while maintaining the integrity of your network.

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