1. Head over to the marketing tab, which is located on the left hand side of your screen.

  2. To create your marketing campaign, click on ‘SMS campaign’ on the top left hand side and then click on the plus sign on the top right.

  3. Create a campaign name and enter the sender name for your SMS campaign. When you have entered all the information for your campaign click on “Create”.

  4. Select a segment that you would like to send your SMS campaign for. If you haven’t created your custom segment, please look over this guide to set one up. If you would like the campaign to trigger on an automated basis when customers meet this criteria, turn the 'Automation' switch on.

  5. Enter a spend per head amount.

    Spend-per head is calculated using WiFi returns to your physical venue. So if you place in £20, when a customer comes back; you will see an addition of £20 to your campaign return estimate.

  6. Enter the content of the SMS message that customers will receive, once you have completed that click on ‘Save & Continue’.

  7. You will have the opportunity to review the message, once you are happy click on ‘Send Now’ to send the campaign to your customers.

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