Your customers will have a smooth experience when redeeming their purchased gift cards. This will be done using the customer's confirmation email, this email will contain a scannable QR code that will confirm the validity of the card.

1. To get started go to and log in to your admin account.

2. After logging in, allow Stampede access to your camera when prompted. You can select the camera you'll use to scan the QR code with.

3. Place the QR code in the centre of the blue box using your camera and scan the box until you get the confirmation message of "Valid" or "Invalid".

4. After your gift card starts getting redemptions, you'll be able to keep track of who's redeemed and paid for gift cards.

To do this:

  1. Go to "Gift Cards" > "Activations" in your left main navigation bar.

  2. You can check the amount spent.

  3. Status of payment.

  4. When the gift card was bought.

  5. When and who scanned the gift card at time of redemption.

  6. The link is:

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