1. Head over to the bookings tab on the left-hand side.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Floor Plans’ tab on the left-hand side.

  3. Select a floor plan to edit on the top right, if you don’t see any floor plans you can create one by clicking on ‘Create Floor Plan’.

  4. A pop up will appear to enter the name of this floor plan, this can be either Ground Floor, Back Room, Bar Area or anything you think is best for your business. Once you’ve chosen a name, click on ‘Save’.

  5. You now have a floor plan ready to add tables to. To add a table, click on ‘Add tables to plan’ on the top right.

  6. A sidebar will appear on the left-hand side with all of your tables. If you don’t see any tables, you’ll need to add tables to your bookings page. Check out our guide regarding tables here.

  7. Select a table you’d like to add to your plan. You can choose either if the table is either round or rectangular. Click on the appropriate shape and this will be added to your floor plan.

  8. From here you can select any table on your floor plan and move this around your floor plan. You can increase or decrease the size of your table and also rotate your table.

  9. Once you have finished making your floor plan, you can click the ‘Save Floor Plan’ button on the top right to save it.

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